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Home insulation has many benefits for different houses. Of course, it is an essential part of a dwelling in a cold region.

But there are less obvious advantages that are not connected with the area you live in.

For example, it helps to save money on heating by saving warmth inside. Also, a proper material has strong sound stripping qualities.

Our insulation company provides different kinds of warming services in New England and all across Massachusetts.

Our experts are ready to provide their services to improve the energy-saving properties of your residential or commercial premises.

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There is a huge variety of floor, walls, and roof insulation.

The second type is probably the most popular due to its efficiency and high versatility.

We provide high-grade local insulation services at reasonable prices and guarantee the high performance of home improvements.

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Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity walls are the popular kind of external barriers. In general, they are made of two thin walls with a cavity pocket. Are you sure about having certainly that kind of building? Houses of this type are made of plain brickwork with bricks of the same size. Also, cavity walls are at least 10 inches thick.

In this situation, the cavity gets filled with insulation foam, mineral wool, or polystyrene bead. Another popular option is fiberglass insulation as it is super-warm.

Advantages of cavity wall insulation are:

The price, which varies from $7 to 11 per meter;
short time to complete: usually, these works take a few hours;
government grants help to cover the most of expenses.

Remember that only dry brick walls in a good condition can be insulated that way. Sometimes there are timber frames that cannot be detected easily. Get ensured not to have this type of construction. Also, the house must be lower than 12 meters, and the cavities must be at least 2 inches in width.

If your house meets all these requirements, then you are ready to order. Contact us to discuss a personal insulating project. Keep in mind that houses built in the last 20 years probably have an insulating layer already. You can ask our experts to inspect the external surface of your premises and design the most suitable insulation plan individually for your house.

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Solid Wall Insulation

Solid walls are composed of two rows of bricks with no space between them. The result is a thick surface about 9 inches in width. In that construction, the masonry work is not all the same. There are short and long bricks interchanging. If your house was built before the 1930s, it might have solid walls.

The main benefits are:

Improved energy efficiency, which helps you to save on heating bills;
renewed facade appearance;
an increase in sound-proofing;
lower carbon dioxide emissions.

There are external and internal types of works. The first type is more common and convenient. To make it done, a


layer of rockwool insulation is applied to the wall. A strong advantage here is the huge variety of cladding. It can consist of panels, tiles, bricks, or other materials.

Your walls will get a completely new look. Don’t forget about planning permission. While it changes the house appearance, it might be necessary for some areas. In general, solid wall insulation is more efficient, but it also takes more time and skills to be completed properly.

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Other Insulation Services

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Near Me

If you are making a full home renovation, our remodeling company is ready to suggest our external services, including loft and roof insulation.

We use different materials which are the best in a certain situation: it can be spray foam, fiberglass, ISO, rockwool, etc.

If you are ready to start a renovation, call us or contact us by email. We will give you feedback and start inventing an individual project for your house.

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