Wood Shingle Roofing in Massachusetts


Wooden shingles are one of the best materials for roofing.

It is ecological, cozy, and warm. It protects the house, saves heat inside, and makes the appearance really unique.

But this material is not that easy to work with.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you with the installation of wood shingles and other roofing improvements.

We are the best roofing company in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts, that can handle complicated works.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Our Services

We provide various exterior home improvement services from fractional home roof repairs to full redesigning.

We come up with individual solutions and full projects for every single client.

Among the services we provide, there is also the installation of gutter systems, replacement of the existing roof, and installation of a rooftop of any design and material (flat roofs, metal roofs, skylight modern roofing services, etc.).

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Surface Inspection & Measurements

standing seam metal roofing contractors

Before starting the main stage of work, we look at the dwelling to see all the possible variants, then suggest a few alternatives according to your request.

We know how different are the weather conditions in Massachusetts, and every zone needs special treatment.

Our professional team of roofers considers if your area has high humidity, sun affection, or strong rains and snowfalls.

For each of these cases, our installers and roof repair specialists find a reliable and longevous solution.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Wood Shingles Roof Replacement

If you think of fundamental exterior house improvement, you may replace your previous roofing surface with wood shingles. It is a huge step for making your house more eco-friendly and homelike.

The main advantages are:

Strong thermal and soundproofing properties;
Doesn’t require an extra ventilation system under the surface;
Handles even the strongest winds;
The simplicity of usage and maintenance.

Our local professional roofing company implements hand-split plates instead of machine-cut to eliminate the risk of damage to wood fibers. It provides a high strength of the finished material and resistance to moisture.


The most common material for all of these kinds is Oregon pine or larch. It is so durable, so it can last for 50 years. Some alternatives are cedar, oak, and pine. We are your reliable roof contractor “near me” which inspects the commodities precisely and selects the right ones carefully.

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Wood Shingles Roof Repair


Wooden shingles is a material with an impressive lifespan, but still, it needs refreshing and repairing from time to time. Our experienced roofers provide all kinds of roof repair works too.

We can partly change the roofing if it was damaged by hail or insects.

Another service is improving the construction to make it more waterproofing and heat-saving.

With our project, your roof becomes more suitable for the conditions you live in and stays balanced with the whole house appearance.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Additional Protection

Wood has its difficulties in the appliance as any other roofing. Our roofing specialist team improves its characteristics to increase safety and convenience. An extra fireproof layer is one of the most popular additional services.

Shingles get soaked with the special protective solute. Special preservation treatment protects the roof from leakages and insects. Wood is more likely to be damaged in these ways, so this step of work is extremely important.

Why not change small details while making the repair or replacement? There are no similar planks, and your roof will have an original design. Shingles save the tree veined structure and all its warm shades.

If you are searching for a trustworthy roofing construction company, contact our managers. Our specialists will discuss your personal project and provide your house with a brand-new look.


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