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The construction sector offers different variants of roofing nowadays. Among the most popular solutions is the metal rooftop for residential and commercial premises. Our company Metal Roofers ‘Near Me’ in MA will help to realize your project.

This type of modern roofing is not lacking in advantages for present-day consumers. Metal roofs made of steel, copper, aluminum and other metal material are notable for their longevity, durability, safety, and energy efficiency.

Additionally, metal roofs are environment-friendly because they contain about 25-80% of recycled components. If you have decided to install a new roof and are searching for local roofing contractors, place the order in our company.

Our metal roofers in Massachusetts will replace, repair, and undertake installation of this type of rooftop.

Your new roof will protect your house well from variable weather in New England, will not spark and ignite into the fire during hazards and wildfires, and will turn out to be lightning-resistant.

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Metal Roofers, MA - Our Services

Our professional metal roofers company provides high-grade services in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts. Both installation and re-roofing costs are affordable for customers from New England. The high quality of work performance and reasonable pricing make us a trustworthy local contractor to count on.

Metal roofs are always a great choice. They reflect solar radiant heat, so are considered one of the most energy-efficient roofing solutions today.

If you want to roof your residential or commercial premises with metal roofing materials, our dedicated team is ready to provide you with timely and quality roofing services.

Let’s take a closer look at all the available variants you may choose for exterior house improvements.

Metal Roofers Near Me - Massachusetts

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Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles Roofers Near Me - New England

This material is widely used to roof both living and non-living buildings. It means that you can select metal shingles to improve your house, garage, barn, backyard constructions at once. These roofs will be extremely reliable and durable (will last up to 80 years).

In comparison with traditional materials (including asphalt and wooden prestige roofing), metal shingles will not require repairs in 10-12 years and regular maintenance because the risk of cracks and other damages is excluded.

Some house owners still think that metal shingles are lacking in attractive appearance and will not bring the perfect visual effect.

Our premium roofing company is here to prove that almost any exterior can be complemented with the modern metal roof designed with steel, aluminum, copper, and other shingles.

Rooftops made of metal shingles will be suitable for:
Classic colonial houses;
modern residential and commercial premises;
classic brick houses;
buildings of traditional American style.

The main idea is that metal shingles can be presented as a replica of natural materials like cedar shingles. The perfect look combined with improved terms of exploitation and specifications is all about metal shingles. Ask for our expert roofing services to stay pleased with an eye-catching rooftop and well-protected house!

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Standing Seam Panels

This roofing material is the improved version of classic corrugated and ribbed style roofs made of metal. The notable feature of standing seam panels is their improved design and firm concealed fasteners that make the installation process faster, easier, and more qualitative. This way this type of roofing brings advanced protection to commercial and residential premises.

In comparison with other local metal roofers ‘near me’, our company has switched to standing seam panels that are rather more energy efficient and functional than the traditional corrugated steel roofing technique.

Speaking about standing seam systems, there are two main types to install. Our dedicated team of metal roofers ‘near me’ can replace your existing rooftop with field-lock or snap-lock panel systems. Both variants are impact-resistant and will not corrode during the long term of exploitation.

Standing Seam Panels - Metal Roofers Near Me

Field lock standing seam panels are installed with the help of special crimps. This timbering makes the construction firmer and weatherproof.
At the same time, the installation of the snap-lock system requires only snapping panels to each other.

The raised seams without exposed screws guarantee that water leaks will not take place and are not going to damage your interior accommodations. Standing seam panels as other metal roofing solutions sustain heavy wind gusts and are crack-resistant.

We recommend taking into account this material if you live in New England and are planning metal roof repair or replacement. Our specialists will perform all necessary preparations and installation operations in time.

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Copper Roofs

Copper Roofs - Metal Roofers Near Me

Metal roofs made of copper are time-tested and reliable both for residential and commercial buildings.

If you are searching for high-level services related to metal roofers ‘near me’, contact our company and stay pleased with the copper rooftop very soon.

This material provides perfect performance together with aesthetics that are in high demand among our consumers from Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts.

The copper roof is about flexibility and exceptional strength, so your house and other non-living buildings will be protected from weather changes and the impact of other irritants.

It is worth noting that re-painting of the copper roofing surface and maintenance of the rooftop will not cost much.

At the same time, copper roofs are attractive and can complement both the modern and traditional exterior of the premises.

One of the most popular solutions for copper roofs that makes them really eye-catching is the additional coating layer called green patina. It provides not only the bright color of the roofing surface but the supplementary protection from oxidation and other external factors.

If you would like to find out more about copper roofing, contact our managers and discuss your project!

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Metal or Plastic Corrugated Roofs

Despite the fact that corrugated material is considered a traditional roofing solution, the modern variants provide much more benefits and improved properties to American homeowners.

Today it is possible to install not only metal corrugated rooftops but the models made of plastic. Their appearance is very similar. The only difference between metal and plastic corrugated roofing material is their weight.

Metal corrugated panels are made of high-quality steel. Usually, G-26 and G-29 steel samples are used. Plastic corrugated panels are thinner and lightweight but also protect the house well from any weather conditions and external impacts. Both steel and plastic panels are screwed with special-purpose fastens to make rooftop lines straight and aesthetically-pleasing.

We are a leading crew among local metal roofing companies “near me”. Installation of the metal or plastic corrugated roofs will not take much time.

Metal or Plastic Roofs - Metal Roofers Near Me

Our specialists are very careful about the construction because poorly installed heavy-weighted metal panels are dangerous for residents.

Our high-grade installation prevents any situations related to the:

Roofing component fall;
loosen fastens;
“breathing” metal;
plastic panel cracks, and so on.

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Aluminum Shingles Roof

Aluminum Shingles - Metal Roofers Near Me

The aluminum roofs that are installed with the help of shingles are the optimal solution for any building. The material is lightweight and durable. In comparison with other metal roofing solutions, aluminum rooftops are highly resistant to heavy snowfalls and harsh rays of the sun.

Additionally, this material will not rust and corrode which prolongs its terms of exploitation significantly. The rooftop surface made of aluminum shingles can be painted and re-painted easily. It is considered an eco-friendly solution for residential and commercial roofing.

If you are searching for the best roofing company in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts, you have already found our dedicated team of metal roofers ‘near me’.

We install aluminum shingles qualitatively, so any weak points of the metal roof would not bother you.

For example, poorly installed aluminum, copper, steel, and other metal roofing material bring much noise when it comes to windy weather. We exclude this situation because all the panels and shingles are fastened properly. No “breathing” metal and water leaks will happen. Your roof will serve without emergency repair and expansive maintenance for years.

Count on our best metal roofing services and improve your exterior with us. Contact our managers to discuss your project and get a quote. Our pricing is affordable for any family and commercial customers from New England. Waiting for your orders!

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