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The roof of any house should not only be beautiful and pleasing to the eye but also practical and long-lived. In this context, a corrugated roof can be considered one of the best roofing options.

Especially if we are talking about pitched roofs in residential houses or commercial buildings of a large area.

Our company is engaged in the design and installation of reliable, almost permanent corrugated roofs made of metal or lightweight corrugated roofs made of plastic.

Contact our consultants and we will tell you in details which option suits your requirements and wishes.

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Corrugated roof benefits

Firstly, due to its shape, such a roof does not collect rain water or large amount of show. As a result, corrugated roof will not leak almost certainly. However, if you live in a region with strong winds, we recommend that you pay attention to reinforcing the fastening of the sheets to the roof frame.

Secondly, if the corrugated roof is installed correctly and on a reliable frame, it will last 50-100 years without the need for seasonal repair. Neither metal nor plastic is afraid of termites and pests. Manufacturers of roofing materials specifically treat corrugated roof sheets to prevent them from mold and algae.

Third, metal and plastic corrugated roofs weigh less compared to other materials as roof tiles, wood or slate. In addition, the corrugated roof is more flexible.

Finally, for all its advantages, plastic corrugated roof remains an affordable option, even when compared to asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is a little more expensive, but it has its own additional advantages.


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Metal or plastic?


Corrugated metal, galvanized steel or aluminum, is more impact-resistant and is not easy to break or damage. However, steel, even when coated with a protective material, is susceptible to corrosion, especially at the fastened points.

Plastic corrugated roof is not as strong as steel, but it does not corrode, it is lighter and easier to install. Unlike asphalt roofing, plastic sheets will last 25-50 years if you ensure that there is no mechanical damage.

We cooperate with trusted metal and plastic corrugated roof manufacturers to offer a variety of roof options for residential or commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of color schemes and you can choose the option that suits style and decorative finishing of your house.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

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