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Skylights or roof lights are special-purpose installations on the rooftop that provide more natural light and solar heating indoors. This is the most notable benefit of skylights for roofing construction improvements. This way your house becomes more energy-efficient because solar heat comes to the premises through the roof-light installation.
Additionally, a skylight system is suitable for better ventilation. Especially, when it comes to the nursery or a bedroom located right under the roof. More fresh air and natural light are not the only benefits of the roof light.

Skylights complement the interior and make your rooms more spacious. This type of installation can save your energy costs. There are solar-friendly models that absorb the light and heat provided by the sun at any season. Moreover, your utility bills will become smaller because the ventilation in the house is improved with vented rooflight items or opening roof windows.

Count on our roof supply company when it comes to roofing improvements and additional decorative works like skylight installation. We work in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts. If you live in New England and would like to have some exterior home improvements, we are ready to update your residential and commercial premises fast and qualitatively.

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Our Services

Our roofing specialists specialize in replacement, repairs, installation of the rooftops and complementing them with modern lighting solutions. You can count on our individual approach and high-level responsibility to your project. You will get a perfect rooflight system that meets all your personal requirements.

The process of roofing construction usually includes the final preparations and improvements like roof-based windows and skylights. Our dedicated team undertakes the installation of skylights of different types required by the demands of our consumers. Each rooflight model has its own benefits. But let’s take a look at the main of them:

Natural light provision;
Better ventilation;
Saving on energy costs;
Exterior and interior aesthetic appearance;
Visual spacing up of the room located under the roof.

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In comparison with other roofing and guttering companies in New England, we pay attention to all the external factors and individual specifications of the building. That is why you can opt for comprehensive project planning and an advanced approach to the installation of the skylight system.

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Open Skylight


This type of skylight is often called open roof windows. The main idea that the rooflight model is opened and closed without any problems. It is worth noting that the open skylight can be installed on any rooftop together with other variants like vented, tubular, permanent, etc. Our dedicated team of roofing specialists does not limit consumers in the selection of the most suitable skylight model. That is why you may choose both an open skylight and a vented one for your pitched or flat rooftop.

Speaking about open skylight systems, it can be implemented in residential and commercial premises. Even the non-living building can transform into a cozy and comfortable working space with open skylights. The opportunity to open and close the roof window brings more ventilation properties. More fresh air comes to the room that supports the optimal microclimate indoors without using an air conditioner.

Several interesting facts about the open skylight model are presented below:

  1. The open skylight model usually opens and closes with the help of the pivoting mechanism in the awning design.
  2. The window screening option can be included in the full functionality of the open skylight roofing model.
  3. If necessary, the opening mechanism can be complemented with the electronic control.

Contact experienced and competent local roofers “in my area” to install an open skylight of frameless and framed design to your rooftop. It is worth mentioning that skylights and glazed roof windows can complement both flat and pitched rooftops. Discuss your project with our managers to find the most optimal rooflight solution for your house.

One more thing to mention about open skylights – these roofing elements can become your additional emergency exits in case of any incident that required a time-urgent reaction. That is why this type of rooflights can be called a supplementary safety measure for homeowners. Select us among other local roofing companies to improve your house with reliable, modern, and useful installations!

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Permanent Skylight with Blinds

This roofing construction item is also called a fixed rooflight. The main idea is that the skylight is installed permanently on the rooftop surface. It means that ventilation and open-close functions are unavailable in that case. That is why most customers consider fixed skylight models lacking in functionality. Nevertheless, a permanent rooflight with blinds is a perfect solution for the flat roof or a decked rooftop with a terrace.

This model is designed as a firm and impact-resistant one to withstand any load. The permanent skylights for terraces are usually retracted to firm the glass surface even more. The homeowner can stand on the permanent skylight and is not afraid of its overload resistance. The blinding effect hides the events that happen indoor. Your intimate life will not be attacked by the curious neighbors with attic rooms.

Additionally, you can install the permanent skylight with blinds on your high-ceiling roof. Remember that the fixed model does not open, so brings aesthetic, energy-efficient, and natural illumination properties without


temperature and humidity indoors at home. Consult our roofing specialists to understand if this skylight type is suitable for your house and meets your requirements.

To sum up, fixed skylights are used for the provision of extra natural light and interior improvements. At the same time, permanent models with blinds make your house safe, comfortable, and well-protected from the curiosity of third parties. Ask our local company for prestigious and modern roofing services that include only the best solutions for your premises.

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Vented Skylight


The most wide-spread rooflight model is a fixed construction. This is the permanent lighting installation without ventilation specifications. People prefer installing it on the decks and pitched high-ceiling rooftops. But a range of customers focused their attention on the microclimate regulation capabilities. For this purpose, a vented skylight is required.

As the open rooflight and roof windows, it can obtain both manual and electronic mechanisms for open-close facilities. It is worth noting that the skylight is not opened in full. The main idea is to provide fresh air indoors, so the small-angled opening space is provided.

The customers of our premium roofing company select vented skylights because they:

Are a good choice for humidity regulation;
Improve microclimate indoors;
Provide more fresh air than air conditioner;
Are a solution for moisture control in the rooms under the roof;
Are cross-functional (can be installed on the decked surface as well).

A vented skylight system is about flexibility and convenience that is provided to the rooftop and the attic rooms. If you would like to have a light bedroom, nursery, or other room placed right under the roof, a vented skylight is a perfect solution. Even small-scale living space can be complemented with the rooflight with high ventilation properties. Contact our residential roof repair specialists and designers to place the order.

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Wood Skylights

It goes without saying that skylights bring natural light, fresh air, and cosmetic changes to your property. But not all our customers pay attention to the aspect of exterior attractiveness. One of the most eye-catching solutions both for modern and traditional houses is a wood skylight system. Modern roofing is impossible without aesthetic rooflight with cedar profile and decorative elements made of other wooden materials.

Our quality roofing services include planning the modern wood skylight system for any type of rooftop and its installation. You can order installing models with additional leak-proof layers and laminated glass with blinds if necessary. The present-day market of rooflight models and roof windows is almost unlimited.

You can choose a wood skylight of any:

Wooden material;
Specification, etc.


If you are ready to update your exterior, let’s discuss your project together with improvement and roof repair details. All the wooden skylight variants are stylish and fit well to any exterior. Pick sides with the model you like and contact our managers right now!

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