It is not surprising that today’s homeowners are searching for an exceptionally modern and durable material to cover their houses. Everyone is dreaming about a comfortable residence with a reliable housetop that complements the exterior of their dwelling. Take a closer look at the EPDM system – ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing solution for residential and commercial houses with numerous benefits and significant sustainability.

Almost every flat or low-sloped roof can be covered with this durable and eco-friendly material. Roofing membrane installation takes a little time and brings a great final result. Your housetop will transform into an eye-catching one with improved protective properties at once if you opt for Dennis & Team services. We are a trustworthy local contractor that aspires to undertake qualitative home improvements for your convenience and aesthetic satisfaction.

EPDM Roofing - MA
EPDM Roofing – MA

Why Particularly EPDM Roofing?

This is a rubber single-ply membrane roofing material that can be applied both for flat and low-sloped rooftops. First of all, EPDM systems are very durable and do not require regular maintenance. Membranes are joined to each other in a seamless way without gluing and nailing and perform for a long time (up to 30-40 years) without the necessity of constant surface inspections and repairs.

Among other significant benefits of the EPDM roofing installation are:

A sustainable choice – single-ply membranes are made of natural resources.
Versatility and design freedom – homeowners can select the best option from a big variety.
Flexibility and temperature resistance – suitable for MA regions with ever-changing climate.
Geometry-friendly – EPDM systems follow the geometry of any constructional element.
Installation without obligatory insulation – membranes can be installed directly on the roof substrates.

The list of EPDM advantages can be added with other beneficial features like seamless installation and resistance to chemicals and other aggressive agents. If you are looking for the best roofing solution for your purposes, take into consideration ethylene propylene diene monomer material for covering your housetop.

Our dedicated team will provide a timely and professional scope of installation work to improve your exterior and complement the stylish look of your premises. Dennis & Team guarantees high-grade performance when it comes to local roofing services.

EPDM Roofing - on the top
EPDM Roofing – on the top

Roof Installation: Unlimited Opportunities for Roof Customization

It is worth noting that single-ply membranes that are used for EPDM roof installation can come in handy if you are planning some customizations for your flat or low-sloped housetop. For example, homeowners in New England prefer spending more time outdoors. That is why many of our customers ask our flat roof experts to arrange on the roof of their houses:

  • dancing decks;
  • green-roof compositions;
  • photo zones;
  • roof-based gardens;
  • other interesting accommodations.

EPDM systems are just ideal material for fully customized rooftops with personalized design projects. Together with high-quality roofing services, you can count on our expert assistants in the context of home improvements like roof-based transformations, gutter systems, etc.

EPDM Roofing - Boston, MA
EPDM Roofing – Boston, MA

Dennis & Team is your faithful contractor with an affordable pricing policy and individual approach to each project. We keep track of innovative solutions in building and home remodeling to offer our customers more capabilities for redesign and renovations. Do not hesitate to contact our managers and ask them all the questions you are interested in!