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The roof is one of the biggest and noticeable parts of your house. To support the whole building’s longevity, you should keep it in proper condition. Besides the most obvious covering and protective functions, the qualified roof improves your apartment in many other ways: saving heat inside, increasing light with extra windows, giving a fresh look from the outside with bright material.

If you are searching for a trustworthy roofing & siding contractor, we are here to help you. Dennis & Team is skilled in different kinds of roofing works which lets us make houses attractive and longevous.

We provide roofing and siding services in the city of Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts.

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Our Services

Our home improvement brigade has years of practice in various kinds of roof changing, repairing, etc.

Different kinds are suitable for different houses and climate situations.

We consider all of it and suggest to you the most suitable variant.

Additionally, you may count on our gutter system installation, high-grade siding works, window and door replacement, and other exterior renovation services.

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Roofing Replacement


It is a final huge step while building your dwelling or changing its details. Qualified assembling gives you warmth and a comfortable humidity level for long years.

There are a few frequently-used types of covering:

Soft roofing looks like bitumen rolls that are fast-pinned out on a wide surface. Few layers are held together by fusing.
The metal mesentery is a bright material that grabs anyone’s attention. It is performed in a huge variety of colors. Mesentery installation is a complicated process, but with the right procedure, it provides high waterproofing.
Profiled sheeting is made of individual metal sheets. They are overlapped with a potting compound. Both installation and material are cheap, and the setting takes a little time.

There are some other materials such as asphalt, but they are less common and mostly applied on industrial buildings.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Roofing Repair

Repairing an old roof is a great way to prolong its lifespan and make your residence convenient and also modern.

Another aspect of house improvement with roof remodeling is adding new design solutions.

We perform front-on finishing from siding and bricks.

Cornices can be performed in wood or brick.

They give a completely different appearance to similar residences.

These are just the most popular works provided.

flat roof repair

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Additional Protection


Renewing old roofs is also available at our roofing and siding company. A housetop can be improved in a few ways. Each of them prolongs the lifespan and makes your roof more reliable.

Extra water protection. If the roofing is more than 15 years old, waterproofing may go bad. In that case, extra rolls of material are added to the whole surface. In another way, liquid rubber is applied.
Protective membranes assembling. It is a modern supply for flat roofs. They remove excess moisture and don’t let the water come inside. Membranes are installed both in the process of building or renewing.
Fire and biological protection. It is a necessary part of home improvement and repair. The housetop must be protected from mold, fungus, rot, and parasites. To achieve the highest safety, all the materials we use include fireproof impregnation.

Our remodeling company is not rather big but trustworthy. Our dedicated team provides logical and economic plans according to your suggestions and ideas too. With strong experience, we take climate conditions and special circumstances into account.

We know how to work fast and efficiently in an unusual situation. An emergency repair is also available. Call Siding Repair Contractor to discuss your personal roofing project in Massachusetts.

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