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Cold floors cause severe discomfort and serious health problems for house residents. Constant hypothermia can cause colds. Besides, through non-insulated or poor basement insulation, up to 20% of the total heat loss goes away. Installing thermal protection in the flooring helps significantly save heating costs. All these problems are solved by floor insulation.

To create more comfortable living conditions, you can use materials with a low thermal conductivity when installing the floor. If you require to improve the energy-efficiency properties of your residential and commercial premises, the best solution is floor insulation.

Our company is a trustworthy local floor insulation service provider in New England. You can count on high-level work performance and timely final results at affordable prices.

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Our company has many years of experience in the field of repair and installation work. We have earned a positive reputation as reliable and responsible floor insulation contractors who provide high-level services. Our specialists work in Newton and throughout the state of Massachusetts, USA.

New England has a harsh climate and severe frosts starting even in autumn. Due to poor quality floor insulation, cold grounds are quite common in local buildings.

Besides, the penetration of moisture from the basement into the interior rooms causes mold and mildew in the house. It is possible to avoid such problems by protecting the floor of the apartment. By choosing an effective thermal floor insulation system, you can not only improve the microclimate in the room but also reduce the cost of heating them.

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Wooden Floor Insulation

Wooden Floor Insulation

Wooden floors are most often found in houses, as they look presentable and are much warmer than other types. It is possible to enhance the effect if they are filled with heat-saving materials.

Our floor insulation specialists carry out thermal lining with various materials, depending on the characteristics of the room and its purpose, the type of flooring.

Fiberglass floor insulation is a simple and inexpensive option. Such materials are produced in the form of slabs or rolls.

When working in hard-to-reach places, we often use ISO insulation

Due to its consistency, it can be poured into hard-to-reach places, cracks and seams are sealed with it. For the basement insulation, we use a hard pink board.

We also work with:


Our specialists check the flooring quality and, if necessary, replace it with a new one. An obligatory step is to lay the waterproofing layer. The home insulation of the wooden floor is completed by the installation of a vapor barrier and a finishing covering. Our customers are aware of all stages of work, so you are aware of the future cost. We have no hidden commissions or surcharges. The final cost will not surprise you.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Concrete Floor Insulation

Most often, concrete floors or ceramic tiles are laid in rooms with high traffic and cleaning frequency: the kitchen or the hallway.

But due to poor defending, the cold floor creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Our experts will help make them pleasant to stay.

Warming in these rooms can be carried out both with the help of expanded polystyrene spray foam insulation and its modifications and with the use of gypsum fiber sheets.

Concrete Floor Insulation

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Other Floor Insulation Services

Other Floor Insulation Services

Another way to reduce heat loss through the floors is to install a warm screed with the addition of expanded clay or special modifying mixtures, for example, cement, perlite, and water.

Our company performs all types of thermal floor insulation installation work at home.

Specialists do the insulation of walls, roofs, garages, and other surfaces.

You can ask our dedicated team about loft, blow-in, ISO, tapered insulation, and other home renovation services.

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