When it comes to the most attractive type of modern roofing, flat roofs are among the leading solutions. Flat roof specialists can install roofs of this type on commercial as well as residential premises.

Flat roofs obtain many benefits. Among them high-level durability and affordable pricing for installation and maintenance. Additionally, house owners can count on extra space with the flat-roofed buildings. This way the roof can become the summer zone for sunbathing, relaxation, and other activities.

Most leading American companies that provide roofing services offer several types of flat roofs to install. You can replace your old roof with the flat-shaped one and realize the true advantages of the newly-done construction first-hand. Our reliable contractor aims to bring exceptional satisfaction with the premium roofing services in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and other cities across the state of Massachusetts.

flat roof specialist - purple roof
Flat Roof Specialist

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Your exterior home improvement starts with a new roof. It protects your interior from weather changes, extremely low and high temperature rates, water leaks, and other unpleasant situations. If you need to install, replace, or repair an existing roof, our skillful and responsible flat roof specialists are at your command. We know much about the trends and different types of roofing material that will meet your individual requirement.

Let’s find out more about possible roofing variants for your residential and commercial premises together. Explore all available solutions, and our best roofing company in New England will make them real.

Our professional installers and repairman can replace your existing roof with an absolutely new design. We use various techniques and materials. This fact makes us the top-ranking, trustworthy but at the same time affordable roofing company.

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

House Exterior - Flat Roof Specialists
House Exterior – Flat Roof Specialists

Flat Roof Specialist: PVC Membrane

Let’s start with those roofing materials that are notable for their high durability rates. Most local reputable roofing contractors (“near me”) offer lifetime warranty while installing flat PVC membrane roofs.

Our company is not an exception. This material can serve for ages if you entrust installation and replacement of your roof to our flat roof specialists.

It is worth noting that the PVC membrane is very strong and weather-proof. This aspect is important when it comes to ever-changing weather and different seasonal elements in New England.

PVC membrane roofs contain one thermoplastic layer and hot-air welded seams.

One more advantage of this roofing material is its energy efficiency.

White PVC membranes can absorb sun irradiation.

Other benefits of the PVC membrane roofs to take into account are the following:

  • Lightweight – the installation, replacement procedure, or commercial and residential roof repair will not take much time.
  • Lifetime warranty – the exploitation terms are almost unlimited. Remember that the quality of your roofing depends on the proficiency of your roofing supply company.

Ask our dedicated team to undertake all necessary exterior improvements together with high-level roofing services. Note that flat roof PVC membrane might not be suitable for buildings in the classical, traditional, or some other tender styles. It has a modern, even high-tech design.

Flat Roof PVC Membrane
Flat Roof PVC Membrane

PVC Deck Shield

One more solution for home improvements is a PVC deck shield. The material is laid out over insulation or other covering layers. This way all the beneficial features of the PVC deck shield are preserved. Our installers will handle all necessary works fast and qualitatively.

You can complement your house with a PVC deck shield and improve the energy-efficiency properties in an affordable way. It is worth noting that this material has a lifetime warranty and affordable costs.

PVC deck shield is a durable and waterproofing material that will come in handy for surface slip-resistance, versatile designing, composite layer addition. Discuss your project with our managers. Our installers and roof repair specialists are glad to realize your ideas and make your premises much more comfortable with cost-effective and weather-proof solutions that meet local climate, your expectations, and other individual criteria.

PVC Deck Shield
PVC Deck Shield

Solar PV Roofing

The renewable energy sector develops very fast. More and more residential and commercial premises are equipped with solar PV panels that are installed on the roof. This is about green energy resources. This way customers can get electricity free from combustion particles and carbon that pollutes the atmosphere.

Installation of solar PV roofs is in high demand nowadays. But before order, this service takes into account that not all rooftops are suitable for solar PV panels. It means that you need to contact flat roof specialist (“in my area”) to inspect your existing roof.

The rooftop should be sunlit and undamaged. Then, solar PV roofing is possible. Ask our company about quality roofing services, and our specialists will undertake the comprehensive examination procedure to prove the fact – your house is ready for solar-friendly transformations.

Solar PV Roofing - Flat Roof Specialist
Solar PV Roofing

Green Roofing

One more innovative roofing solution for buildings with flat rooftops. Now, house owners can plant any greens on their roof with a suitable surface. Green flat rooftops are those constructions that are covered with special-purpose material. It contains a concrete slab to provide your premises with strength and waterproof properties. An additional waterproofing membrane is the second layer. It prevents water leaks that are possible with the rainy and stormy weather in New England.

The drainage layer and a filter are the medium structure components. These elements are responsible for the soil quality and growth of your roof-based plants. The growing medium is the soil-contained layer that finishes the green roofing material. If you are dreaming about the flat rooftop that will be planted with evergreen grass or sedum, order professional roofing services of our company. Our flat roof specialist will replace your existing roof with an eco-friendly attractive green model.

Green Roofing
Green Roofing

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

Rubber Flat Roof

This is an eco-friendly roofing design for modern American houses. Rubber flat roofs are fire-resistant and absolutely waterproof. In comparison with some traditional roofing variants, rubber rooftop installation is more budget-friendly and durable.
Among other benefits of flat rubber roofing are:

 A very long lifespan – the exploitation of the qualitative rubber rooftop lasts about 30-50 years.
 Weather-resistance – storms, heavy rains, strong winds will not damage the rubber surface of your roof if it is well installed by our roofing supply company.
 Resistance to thermal shock and other irritants – this is an eco-friendly but very durable roofing material.

Do not miss your opportunity to order high-level home improvements. A new rubber roof will not only complement your exterior but will boost the energy-efficiency of your premises.

Rubber Flat Roof
Rubber Flat Roof

Roll Flat Roof

If you are limited in your budget and are searching for an affordable re-roofing cost, take a closer look at the roll roofing.

Rolled roofing material is cost-effective and easy-to-install.

Some house owners prefer to replace their existing rooftops with roll material themselves.

The re-roofing process is really not complicated.

But it is better to entrust this task to a roofing specialist or a skillful team of local flat roof specialists.

Roll Flat Roof by Specialists
Roll Flat Roof by Specialists

Flat Roof Repair

For example, the most common mistake of DIY fans is to hammer roll roofing material out.

This is the core reason for future leaks.

Our dedicated crew of roofers uses special-purpose equipment and substances to fixate rolls on your roof.

We recommend using this solution for garages, barns, and other backyard structures because the design of rolled roofing material is not very attractive.

flat roof repair
Flat Roof Repair

Tar Roofing

This is a modern alternative to traditional types of roofing.

Tar flat roofs obtain special layers made of fiberglass and asphalt.

These layers are applied to the surface with heat treatment.

This way the strong and durable rooftop takes place.

Tar roofing solution is about long-lasting and attractive roof systems that are suitable both for residential and commercial premises.

Tar Roofing Installed by Specialists
Tar Roofing Installed by Specialists

Flat Roof Companies ‘near me’ – Tar and Gravel Roof

This is a wonderful tandem of sturdy components in one roofing solution. Gravel composite improves the weatherproof properties of the roof. The topcoat is made of asphalt that makes the rooftop non-slip and will-protected from hails, storms, and strong winds. Tar and gravel roofing is required in New England to provide your building with protection from UV rays, bad weather, and temperature bouncing.

If you are interested in roofing services, modify your exterior with our company.

In comparison with other local roofing companies, we do not limit our customers in the range of available home improvement options – roof replacement, tile and shingle repairs, gutter system installation, and other roofing services are provided by our small but experienced team!

Tar & Gravel Roof Installed
Tar & Gravel Roof Installed

We Stand Behind Our Promise to Deliver Timely & Quality Service

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